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twiggin’ out

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Vulnerability is the strongest state to be in. How boring would it be if we were constantly dominant or constantly submissive?
— FKA Twigs (via nuiele)
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Toni Morrison, Sula


Toni Morrison, Sula

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AKIRA 1988


AKIRA 1988

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Those with their moon in Pisces often seem like they’re walking around with their head in the clouds. Though they may not be very grounded, they’re incredibly warm-hearted and generous, sometimes to the point where they take on the suffering of others as their own.

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People of color, queer people, young people, women: you make the best new words. Also usually the best music, poetry, and culture. This is because less privileged cultures are by necessity more intimate, transgressive, and creative; in other words, more cool.
— "The Life and Death of American Slang, Part I: Shade and Twerk" - The AMERICAN READER (via fuckyeahqueerpeopleofcolor)
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FKA twigs by Jesse Kanda for LP1.

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